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Wireless Real Time Video


Essential Viewing products enable real-time, low latency video to be viewed over narrow bandwidth networks including GPRS, 3G, HSDPA, EDGE and CDMA  cellular, BGAN/SWAN satellite networks, tactical IP radios and the Internet with complete PTZ control and real time enhancement. 

Bandwidths supported are 4Kbps and above. 

These systems are used for rapid field deployment, and/or remote locations where no electricity, Internet or landlines exist.  Real time streaming video can be monitored by three levels of software including iPhones, Android & Windows based smart phones.  All allow remote PTZ control.

Specification data sheets available for download here






C300 encoder


Features and Benefits


•True real time video over narrow bandwidths, including internal cellular modem (GPRS, 3G, HSDPA, EDGE and CDMA)

•Ideal for mobile applications

•Small, light, portable and flexible - use it in remote and difficult to reach locations anywhere, anytime

This system allows rapid wireless deployment where no Internet or landlines are present.

Lowest latency available over low bandwidths. Period.

•Low power requirement of less than 6 watts (0.1 watt when on standby)

•Multiple viewers in different locations can view live streams simultaneously, including smart phones

•Cameras can be controlled by users remotely

•Can operate in temperatures ranging between -32 to 60° degrees

•Rapid set up and deployment, avoiding the usual delays of fixed line communications

•Supports two way audio

•Can be configured to meet your own specific needs

•Archiving for evidential purposes available as an additional feature

GPS capable

•Real time video and captured images watermarked, date and time stamped

Server Failover protection

Communications Failover protection

•Three different user interface software available for PCs and Smart phones.  All allow PTZ control

• In use worldwide.

Have a specific need? OEM PCB Circuit boards available

• Call us to demo Android and Windows based software encoders






Specification Sheets

                                      Video Encoders (TVI Viewer/decoder software included)

        C200 Encoder                         C300 Encoder (with internal 3G modem)                      R300 Encoder (IP67 Rated)

                                        Optional Hardware Video Decoders


D200 Decoder (Single Channel)                    D400 Decoder (Dual Channel)

                                                TVI Video Viewer Software

                                                Contact for a demonstration