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Direction, Production & Editing

Our experience spans back over three decades in operations management, manufacturing, product design, training, marketing, sales and business development. Our team includes an award winning journalist, videographers and animators that specialize in short films, 2D and 3D animations and modeling. Our combined technical and creative experience is ready to help your organization achieve its goals. Whether it’s communicating your company’s products, services and values or supplying your clients technical modeling, illustrations and animations. We are to here to help your team.

Our clients have included defense, security, law enforcement, manufacturing and the marine sectors. Some of our commercial projects and clients include professional and technical organizations and conferences, television specials and documentary series, print media groups and distributors.


  • Security Clearances held. 

  • Canadian SME. 

  • Aboriginal owned. AANDC PSAB certified and audited.

  • Seamless integration with your branding continuity.

  • Utilization of AutoCAD, Solidworks and Inventor source files.  


All tradenames and images are owned by the respective companies/individuals.

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